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Classy interview with the Founder of Clasee

Behind every great idea is a person with passion.

Today we spoke with Kate Bondar, Founder and CEO of Clasee, to learn about the story behind Clasee, how Francis Fukuyama became one the first adopters and what the future holds for students and self-directed learners.

  • So, Kate, Clasee is an app that has lots of bright prospects. How did you come up with the idea?

The idea came from a real life necessity. Back in my Research Fellow at Stanford University times the pandemic happened, so all of the studies were transferred online. I had to go back to Ukraine and there was a big time difference, so I had to do all of the studying at night.

We started looking for solutions to the problem. One of the solutions was to squeeze theory out of lectures and make it pre-recorded so it is available at any time.

  • Sounds like a good solution. Why did you go with video format, and not text, for instance?

Why video? It is the easiest format to perceive and ensure engagement, so it was most popular among everyone. Shorter informational messages - and in video format.

After conducting the research, we realized that the maximum time limit is 3 minutes.The secret is to provide theoretical knowledge in a short format.

  • Sounds perfect from a student's perspective, but what about educators?

Educators usually lack time and technical skills to create engaging videos. For educators, we help create short videos that grab attention. The professors don't have to put in any effort, we transform their content into engaging vShots (short videos of up to three minutes).

There is an intermediate stage - for verification.

If an educator wants the most personalized content, we can use their voice for the video.

This saves educators a lot of time and gives them an advantage in having their content in the most catchy form.

  • And how can educators make the most out of this content transformation feature of yours?

The application is built the following way: vShots can be structured like courses. There are professors who read constitutional law at Princeton and history at Harvard. You can combine videos into different courses on one profile. These courses are aimed primarily at students.

Compared with traditional courses, vShots are mobile-friendly and always at hand. So instead of scrolling through TikTok, you can spend the same time educating yourself.

When a new video is posted on a platform, our intelligent system uses AI to analyze its content and to find the right place for it on the knowledge map. So each video uploaded to the platform can become a part of a personalized learning route for self-directed learners.

In the future educators will be able to enjoy the pay-per-view feature, educators can make money sharing quality content.

  • Who was the first educator to join the initiative and explore all the benefits of Clasee?

The very first professor to join was Francis Fukuyama, my program curator at Stanford. He was the first one I went to. I wrote him a letter that I have an idea for a startup and I need a video of up to 3 minutes. It was during a summer break, but he went to campus with his equipment to record a video. The topic was, The influence of social networks on political processes.

It was very touching and important for me, as well as it did confirm the relevance of the idea..

We now offer content transformation for top Universities’ professors as well as Universities as corporate clients. Clasee is open for cooperation to help top Universities have a unique feature that shall distinguish them from the others.

  • I can’t wait to enjoy all the features of the app. What are your nearest future plans?

We plan to release the app in late September, until this moment we are developing content, we are in contact with foreign teachers so that by the time Clasee is released we can create accounts and get the first reviews.

Again, we are open to partner with educators and top Universities as well as corporate clients who provide education for their employees.

Join our community of engaging personalized education!

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